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This Month We've Been Reading... March 2018

By Katrina | AutisticMumLife - March 26, 2018

This Month We've Been Reading- Autistic Mum Life, Children's Book Review Feature.

The local library has always been one of my favourite places. A peaceful and quiet haven. A chance to get out of the house but not expose myself to too much social pressure. I have also always found comfort in reading and wanted to share this world of wonder with Iris. We read together daily and have a collection of books at home but we love heading to the library to see what new adventures we can discover. This month we chose...

Ruff by Jane Hissey Old Bear Book Collection.Autistic Mum Life. Children's Book Review Feature.
Ruff by Jane Hissey

I have such fond memories of the Old Bear Stories as a child and I was so excited to see this book on the library shelves. I loved rediscovering some of my favourite characters, especially Bramwell and Little Bear.

The story focuses on a woolly dog that has no name, no home and has never had a birthday! Old Bear and friends decide to remedy this and throw their new friend a special birthday party...or two...

I enjoyed reading this to Iris but I think it's better suited to an older child as the rhythm doesn't have that nursery rhyme style sound to it. Though she loved looking at the pictures she didn't try to grab at them like she has done other books, possibly due to the old fashioned styling of Old Bear and the lack of bright colours and bold shapes. It is a lovely story and older children can interact in many ways such as counting and spotting certain things.

Sofa Dog by Leonie Lord. Autistic Mum Life. Children's Book Review Feature.
Sofa Dog by Leonie Lord

Anything that has a dog on is going straight into the book bag! I love animals of all kinds but we have lots of dogs in the family and so we have a soft spot for all things canine. We can also relate to the concept of 'No room for anyone else!' as our own sofa dog, Ian loves to take up all the space!

The illustrations in this book are chunky, bold and colourful . They are a little garish but I like that and they certainly appealed to Iris, she loved the bold shapes.

The story is about a dog and his best friend and all the visitors they have that take up space on their much loved sofa. It reminds me a little of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in the sense that it's a chain of events that are memorable and in the case of Sofa Dog rather amusing. I would say that it's a little difficult to read as it doesn't have a natural flow and feels a bit clunky when read aloud. It's an okay book but not one I would pick up again.

Nanny Fox by Georgie Adams and Selina Young. Autistic Mum Life. Children's Book Review Feature.
Nanny Fox by Georgie Adams and Selina Young

My surname is Fox...we have a fox themed nursery...Iris has fox shoes, dresses and a hat so anything with foxes on will always appeal. Nanny Fox even more so as Iris loves her own Nanny Fox lots.

I love this book, not just because it's about a fox.. I love the story and how it teaches us not to judge on appearances alone and that sometimes we can be different to others but that's okay. The illustrations are bold and bright and there are lots of ways to enjoy them such as counting the chicks and naming the animals.

I enjoyed reading this aloud as it had a nice easy rhythm and Iris often fell asleep whilst listening to this. I think it's a book that will grow with her and I enjoyed it so much that we've bought ourselves a copy to keep at home. That's the joy of library books, you can try before you buy!

Have you read any of this month's book choices? What did you think? 

Thanks for reading.

Katrina Fox, Author of autisticandpregnant.com

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